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Baked goods for one and all

Their delicious products are of course not exclusively for those with food allergies. The sociable staff at Sugar Daddy’s have made it their duty to ensure that the one thing people can be sure of when they come in isn’t just incredible cakes and awesome coffee, it’s a is a warm welcome too.

“We do cupcakes, bars, traybakes, brownies, cookies, donuts, wedding and birthday cakes – the full bakery range.”

JP - Sugar Daddy’s Owner
Sugar Daddy bakery owner

“We won’t treat you any differently whether you have a food allergy or not. In fact, we welcome it! This place is for everybody.”

JP - Sugar Daddy’s Owner

Their specialist skills in allergies such as dairy, soya, nut, gluten and everything in between, mean they’ve got something for everybody– from cupcakes to wedding cakes.

Serving local customers since the day they opened, Sugar Daddy’s have a friendly relationship with everybody who comes through the doors of their colourful store. And with Canonmills looking like the place to be for independent businesses in recent years, Sugar Daddy’s are one of the many local traders setting the benchmark for the area.

We all know that a sweet tooth doesn’t discriminate, and for people allergic to certain ingredients, quelling that craving can be hard work. Luckily, the expert bakers at Sugar Daddy’s are making life a little bit easier.

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